Drywall Installation How to Sand Tape Joint

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Simple how to drywall, Easy steps to cut ceiling drywall in place for recessed lights without “wandering” off curve.
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14 responses on “Drywall Installation How to Sand Tape Joint

  1. slykatt13

    just a quick question for you.if you coat the middle of the buttjoint
    once.then you pull each side.doesnt that mean you actually only second
    coated the paper.not tryin to knock your method at all.just curious.i coat
    the middle and sides at the same time then repeat when dry.that way there
    are two coats on the tape.and doesnt the 100 grit scratch the joints?or are
    you usin green usg? i finish with proform and sand with 220 grit.

  2. Ed Gonzales

    Never sand dw compound with 100grit, not even if you put too much mud on .
    You can tell by the ‘spots’ that the vid maker’s a hacker. You never sand
    butt joints until absolutely need to, and it’s with 150grit max. or worn
    down 120g. And sanding these butts is done with a manual pole sander or
    hand sander, for smoothness, or production electric. Sponge sander (fine
    coarse) is for angles, used gingerly.

  3. Taylor Mansfield

    I think using a sponge works great too. As long as when its done and
    painted looks perfect you did your job right.

  4. doughendy

    @synon9m Unfortunately the tape is used for a reason, it sure does make it
    hard for amateur DIYers. The tape can prevent cracks from forming on all
    your joints through the mud and paint. I wish the last person that owned my
    house new that!

  5. synon9m

    I frick’n hate drywall taping and painting b/c there is no hiding from
    mistakes. This video cautions against sanding through the tape. Why tape at
    all? Why not just spackled the hell out of it? I wish someone would invent
    a different system for amateurs!

  6. WichitaFixIt

    If you no so much, WHY!!! are you watching MY videos??? We all no the
    truth… TOASTER whatever that means? Just keep watching maybe even you’ll
    learn something

  7. hosermahbob

    -What was that coated with.. a toaster?! VERY unprofessional having wavey
    lines and jagged edges. -No mask!? FAIL -MY GOD your screws are coated 10