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Heres a short tutorial on mixing your mud. The RIGHT way!. www.thesprayking.com even if your experienced you might want to see the cleanest way to keep your …
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Drywall truck
Image by Bill Selak
This guy bought a bunch of drywall at Home Depot, but put it all on the right side of the truck. Wood (which is way lighter) was on the right. It looked like the truck was gonna tip over.

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26 responses on “Drywall Manchester NH

  1. nezerac

    Ya man. Great vid. My neighbor hired me and just tossed me to the wolves a
    couple of weeks ago. I’ve been doing alright. He taught me how to mud tape
    concrete and I started out crappy but my results have been consistently
    better than my bosses since about my third day taping. Still much slower
    but the float looks perfect!!!
    Aside. I’ve been running into issues with the concrete in the building
    we’re remodeling. It’s literally got holes throughout it and we’re doing an
    orange peel on the walls and lids. You have any tips for getting as close
    to a level 5 finnish as possible without spending hours skimming? I’m a
    noob so I’m just curious. My boss is planning on mixing pva and mud
    together to roll on the rooms.

  2. dennis garcia

    kool vid.. my tape is bubbling a lil after a few weeks.. my taper used all
    purpose compound from Home depot.. he probably didnt mix it right.. 

  3. Grant Venable

    Hey man this is really great! good stuff you show the details and that is
    important. Thanks so much for a really good video. keep them coming. 

  4. Richard Nelson

    I love your presentation…you emphasize the smallest thing that most time
    carries the most weight.

  5. edrenalin2000

    nice,…that’s what i want, the details. anything on mixing hot mud in a
    pan without lumps and fast? thanks

  6. Ed Gonzales

    They’re great mixing paddles, developing the critical vortex action. My
    heavy duty 1/2″ DeWalt spade drill up and croaked. So I’m down to the
    crappy ribbon mixer with a Makita cordless until I can get to the tool

  7. glaciercanyon

    Excellent details, I have to look for the blue dot too next trip to the
    home center. Being a contractor (different line of work) I can totally
    appreciate the neatness, indeed customers LOVE that and organization. They
    don’t see a lot of things but this is one of them.

  8. The Bowzer

    I’m 63 years old, retired tin-knocker who has done my share of struggeling
    with sheetrock and mud in my own properties. I have never thinned out mud!
    Never knew I should have. I always mixed it well, with the exact paddle U
    use. Wish I had this info many years ago, I should have asked someone.
    Thanks 4 this video. I will do it your way from now on. Like I said a
    tin-knocker (sheet metal worker) not a taper, or rock guy.