20 responses on “Drywall Mudding (Part I)

  1. LordBLB

    Hehe. I loved this guys. Great instructional video. We will be doing this
    in our home soon, and it really helped us clear a few things up.

    On a side note: My wife does the same thing to me while I’m fixing stuff
    around the house. A LOT of these dudes making comments about the “annoying
    camerawomen” are completely clueless. My other half finds it extremely sexy
    when I’m working around the house. Perhaps some of these critical guys
    should get off their butts and do more around the house. Might improve
    their own relationships. lol.

    Thanks again guys.

  2. Jon Miller

    Mix up the mud with a drill and a proper mud mixing paddle (not just a
    little paint mixer) while it’s still in the bucket. The components of the
    joint compound separate over time. Not only will it be “porous” but it also
    may be missing some of the key ingredients such as sufficient water and
    even glue. Save yourself a lot of work and headaches later on by just
    mixing it thoroughly any time it has been sitting for more than a couple

  3. 1After100

    What is that awful scraping noise on the camera. I’ve got headphones and
    had to turn this off. It must be the extra sarcastic camerawoman.

  4. John feilds

    Hey asshole who gives a shit having your wife do a youtube video what’s
    wrong with you are you 2 years old leave the wife out of it and oh by the
    way you don’t hang a mirror on unfinished drywall you prime and pant it

  5. Wayne Best

    Hey there, I have been doing that job for 24 years…A couple small drops
    of dish soap in your pan of mud helps with the bubbles and smooths the mud
    out. Seriously, sounds like Im screwing with ya but I am not.

  6. bsiskoy

    Lots of good tutorials out there, this is the probably the most
    entertaining and one of the easiest to follow, especially on the corners!
    Thanks for helping the beginners!

  7. korbin H

    She is hilarious, Im pretty sure she is making sexual jokes/comments the
    entire video. no one else notices this?