Drywall Over Drywall

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http://www.ehowtodrywall.com/drywall-over-drywall/ When confronted with older, ruined plaster walls, one method to decorate up the space is to set up new dry…
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12 responses on “Drywall Over Drywall

  1. Chris Brach

    Wrong title! 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back, and all I learned is
    there are people out there that use nails on drywall….?

  2. Stephen Hall

    I`ve been around construction for 35 years, houses, buildings, steel and
    wood stud, and i`ve never seen nails in drywall

  3. Mike Miller

    Okay, the write up is decent info, but what in the world did the video have
    to do with hanging drywall over existing drywall?

  4. Byron Zizos

    I agree with Mike. These are very nice people, but darn it to heck this is
    just plain rude. I am looking for help with hanging new 1/4 inch drywall
    over some really crappy 30 year old wallpaper and glue that is a nightmare
    to remove. Sending me here was a waste of my time.

  5. craig smiyh

    Yeah Jake knows what he’s talking about where is the router these people do
    not know how to piecework Tradelaw that’s for sure

  6. Jake-N-440

    You always want to check the butt joints to make sure they are snug
    together, you can install the drywall over a window and rotor it out, just
    don’t secure it near the window frame. only at the top plate, by code you
    can use one screw in the middle of every stud if the studs are glued, I
    STRONGLY recommend using glue to avoid rattles and cracks. You should never
    put a screw directly next to a outlet or box, it pulls the drywall in and
    can crack it or will show as not level when the cover is on

  7. Karen Jenks Miller

    I agree this is not showing you how to hang dry wall over dry wall, I want
    to cover some old paneling…