Drywall patch and repair tips

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Drywall patch and repair tips

Drywall patching repair tips for home owners http://www.jonco.net.

25 responses on “Drywall patch and repair tips

  1. todd heaney

    Tried doing this with our going that far out and you xan see my patch.
    Thanks for the tip. A little farther out and its much harder to see! 

  2. MyRook

    overkill!! you don’t have to float out so far for this tiny hole.These
    videos are funny.They over complicate a simple process

  3. Marty E

    I don’t like the way you did that, you are wasting mud and that kind of
    workmanship will hurt the environment. First I saw you destroy a perfectly
    good pallet and now this vile act with the mud. It’s so upsetting I don’t
    think I can go on any longer. M

  4. John Anderson

    I do recommend a day in between coats if you haven’t worked with drywall
    before. There is what is called “hot mud” which can set-up as quickly as 5
    minutes which means you could finish a patch in the same day but it can be
    tough to work with if you don’t have experience with it.

  5. matt888444

    This is the BEST video I’ve seen on how to repair drywall. Thanks!! Now I
    have my neighbors BEGGING me to fix their drywall!!

  6. John Anderson

    For all you Pros out there, I know there is a dozen different ways to patch
    small holes like the one I did. I made these videos firstly to learn how to
    use my video camera and to edit with Windows movie maker. The tips and
    videos are just to give the complete beginner an idea of how patches can be
    done. First timers would be lost with hot mud and cutting out pieces of
    sheet rock and backing.

  7. stickman1215

    Thank you so much for your easy to understand instructions! I just finished
    moving a junction box and have a nice 4″ hole to patch. Last time I patched
    a hole I used some wood and drywall scraps; I had no idea self-adhesive
    patches were available!

  8. don7777s

    Don’t let the so called pros get you down.. growing up fighting in my youth
    I’ve had to repair a lot of holes, few basic ways to do it and if your
    patch works and gives a great finish then forget about these guys that have
    nothing better to do then down someone elses video… which leads me
    wondering how did i get here? i was looking to repair something other then
    drywall hahaha

  9. billeybop

    A very good video! Just the facts in a very easy to understand format and
    presentation. I watched 10 others and yours is the best hands down. Thank
    you. ps cant you tell me why drywall tape is necessary when you do a larger

  10. rjhowlan

    Jon, Great video. One question though. I found a patch of water damage
    inside my garage that was due to a leak on the outside of my house. I’ve
    fixed the shingle leak that was causing it and there doesn’t apear to be
    any other damage except for a patch of drywall right and the edge of the
    ceiling and wall. Could you give me any recommendations for a patch repair?
    The area affected is probably maybe 2sq ft. in area.

  11. ashleyraquel2001

    That was fantastic! Thanks for the video! I hung drywall in New Orleans for
    3 weeks after the Hurricane. I’m trying to learn finishing and taping now.

  12. ChaiVat

    What about patching a hole just like that (from a door knob) in a room that
    already has paint/texture. Does that same technique apply? Cuz I noticed
    that this is a patch job on an unfinished/unpainted piece of drywall.