Drywall Repair: How To Patch a Small Hole, Part 1 of 2

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In this video, Troy (Tarter Home Maintenance) shows the professional way to patch a small hole in drywall. First, he removes the damaged area of drywall, the…
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How I used and installed the plastic rounded drywall cornerbead. tricks for splicing the scrap pieces, stapling or using drywall nails for holding them on.
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13 responses on “Drywall Repair: How To Patch a Small Hole, Part 1 of 2

  1. MRSPANKY405

    Do you have any videos on how to patch holes in walls that are made out of
    plaster great vid by the way?

  2. Brandon King

    hey i patched 3 holes and on one of them i took off the plastic mesh and i
    put the spackel over the metal patch. what do i do?

  3. italianjoey774

    ive been in drywall for over 10 years, in the union as a finisher for 4
    years, this stuff doesnt get nailed up, there is a spray adhesive for it
    and a special stapler for this stuff. second, when hanging drywall the
    corners arent supposed to meet, they should be cut at the corner of the
    stud leaving a small gap in the corner for the bead to be put on squarly,
    other wise its not going to go on square. leave the drywalling and
    finishing to experts please.

  4. robert Brown

    If you check out my later videos, you will see that the corners turned out
    great! There is more than one way to skin a cat. The piecing in pieces were
    only used inside of closets and only on the last couple. The joints turned
    out great.

  5. Mykarmaxspiredaz

    Why didn’t you just hold the rock flush with the framing when you hung it
    so you don’t have to come back and bevel the rock?

  6. MichelJCardin

    I mostly use Champer bead; but it’s the same and I use the glue mud to set
    it and letit dry and then fill in with hardenning powder mud cause it
    doesn’t shrink much and is more solid and yes; it is the right thing to do;
    let the pros. do it without joints.

  7. robert Brown

    You are probably right, I originally didn’t plan on using rounded corner
    bead. I’m not a full time drywaller, learning as I go.

  8. halifaxshayman27

    @notombstone ,i’m having the same problem (squared drywall won’t let the
    bullnose sit flush) that’s why i came on here to find out how to fix it.
    thanks for the help!