Drywall Screws and Nails

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Tim Carter, the AsktheBuilder.com guru, shows you exactly how small nails and screws hold heavy pieces of drywall up on ceilings. Sign up NOW for Tim’s FREE …
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25 responses on “Drywall Screws and Nails

  1. coryalexchafe

    hey i work new home construction and on all wood framed houses we use nails
    on the butts and side then screw the centers ……nails are faster and
    cheaper ……

  2. JeffreyStrange

    I’m a professional drywall finsiher. Askthe Builder is correct in
    everything he is saying. 35 years ago people always installed drywall with
    nails and it will work. There are thousands of older homes across the
    nation with drywall installed with drywall nails only. Now with that said
    screws are much better especially in combination with drywall glue. We now
    use screws only even around the perimeter because it is much better.

  3. RHEAD100

    Hi Jeffrey; I also have a lot of experiance (44 years) And I am with you
    100% on all three counts. Most people working at a drywall supply have
    never hung a peace of rock. Most people that do it for a living stop trying
    to learn whin they “THINK” they know how. 4 screws will hold a 12’x4′ 5/8″
    peace of rock on a ceiling over 24 hours. 10 nails want hoild it 20 minutes
    (the heads pull through). Nails used propery by a professional are OK. BUT;
    give me screws every time.

  4. JeffreyStrange

    AsktheBuilder is far too nice to many of you. He obviosuly knows more about
    drywall than the drywall company you spoke with. I have found in drywall
    many only have six months experience than they repeat those 6 months over
    and over for the next 20 years. Yes I’ll say it because I see it all the
    time. Many people have been doing it wrong their entire life.

  5. Zipper Neck

    An important point that I think I forgot to mention – my project includes
    walls that run from 2.5m to 3.30m in height. A standard panel is only 2.60m
    in height so some portions will have a horizontal joint in the middle of
    the wall. For these panels, I’ll be using panels with the thin edges on all
    4 sides (costs more but a nicer finish in the end.)

  6. Ask the Builder

    YouTube is primarily for people who upload videos to share knowledge. If
    you want to settle this debate, I suggest you go get a copy of the Gypsum
    Construction Handbook. It is the Bible of the industry. You will quickly
    discover everything I say in this video is 100 percent accurate.

  7. Ask the Builder

    @popcorn4two Thanks. Good point, but this video was just about the
    fasteners. The video you want – and should be done by you at your channel –
    is about *installing* the nails. To show what you want, you need to be
    hanging a sheet of drywall. Remember, the title was just about the

  8. Zipper Neck

    I’ve got a question for you. What screws do you use to secure plasterboard
    to plasterboard? I live in France, and here in frogland certain drywall
    applications (sound insulation) involve installing a sheet of 13mm (or
    other thickness) drywall onto another sheet. The vertical edges are secured
    into a metal framework, but the horizonal edges are screwed into the
    drywall behind it. Can you follow that? At any rate, the drywall
    manufacturers specify specific screws for this (screw TTPL – which

  9. Ask the Builder

    Actually one would only know that if they were there when they were
    installed. There are hundreds of thousands of houses where plaster lath and
    even wood lath are installed with nails, and heavy plaster is applied over
    the lath. All that weight being held with just nails.

  10. Ask the Builder

    You are 100 percent correct. But people need to realize there are tens of
    thousands of homes where drywall was installed years ago with only nails,
    and there are no nail pops. Screws are better than nails, but the right
    nail, driven the right way, will work.

  11. Ask the Builder

    Dear tonks0001, Not all homeowners can justify the cost of one of those
    magnificent tools. Some people can just afford nails, so we need to tell
    them the right ones to use.

  12. Ask the Builder

    Thanks for your comment. I see you have no videos at your channel. That
    tells me and many other YouTubers a lot about you. Instead of trolling
    around making comments, why don’t you show us what you know? As soon as you
    get videos up, I will probably subscribe to learn from you.

  13. tonks0001

    put that hammer away they are things of the past get yourtself a good hilti
    autofeed screwgun and do the job properly

  14. petermichaelw

    screws screws screws. screws are easier to install, especially with today’s
    guns, they are able to be removed usually with minimal damage (as mentioned
    below) and they are much less prone to popping out from movement ,
    settling, or abuse. respect to the ol’ timers who do quality work with
    nails, but in 2009 i don’t see any advantage of nails over screws.