Drywall Stamped China ” Chinese Drywall ” What to Look for Before Investing in Properties

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Drywall Stamped China

This is a video of a home with Chinese Drywall. I took a video of the house to save investors 000 + by knowing what to look for in a home prior to purcha…
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15 responses on “Drywall Stamped China ” Chinese Drywall ” What to Look for Before Investing in Properties

  1. Sassy Mac

    OMG! I am living in a rental home in Brandon Florida. Been smelling this
    sulfur “dead” smell for 2 months. Before we moved in, the house had MAJOR
    repair work inside (including a new roof). Took a light switch off and it
    was all black. Told property management. They said get out. They didn’t
    even want to come inspect the situation! I have 7 days to find another
    place and move me and my 2 children.

  2. Irma Porter

    Never knew that these types of properties existed, I will be careful before
    buying anything built during the boom.

  3. chinesedrywallva

    To learn more about the stories of the families dealing with this toxic
    import disaster visit our videos at Victims of Chinese Drywall published by
    chinesedrywallva. Families have had their health, homes and financial well
    being decimated by this toxic import and we have been begging local, state
    and government officials to do something to help protect future families
    from becoming second generation victims of this toxic import! Nothing has
    been done for 3 years! Thank you for speaking out!

  4. Heritage Funing

    This particular home was located in Lehigh Acres Florida. Unfortunately it
    happens in many more states. Other training videos have over 37,000 views.
    You can visit: Wealth.me to check out other videos

  5. Pear CD

    There are many good thing the Chinese make well, many they don’t. Dry wall
    is one of them. Hinges and light fixture as well. You pay for what you get.