8 responses on “Drywall – step by step

  1. Waremonger

    @giio21 Yeah, and he didn’t tape the joints. Next time they might want to
    hire someone who knows how to hang drywall.

  2. wolfcraft toolfactory

    In continental Europe the use of modern flex-plaster is more and more
    popular. If used this flex-plaster no tapes are required. Please check
    comments on your plaster-packaging. When tradidionell plaster is used your
    hint is totaly true – tapes are in this case required!

  3. Łukasz Cyrański

    This has nothing to do with proper drywalling. Why are there gaps between
    the sheets? Why aren’t the joints taped? Why isnt there any sort of corner
    made? As much as I am a happy user of Wolfcraft products, this video blows.
    And I mean blows.

  4. Joe Jimenez

    Not drywall but I do have a question? I work at a school and have several
    floor drains with traps that are unused. Is there something I can put in
    these traps that won’t dry up and allow sewer gas to come up?

  5. wolfcraft toolfactory

    The gap is because of the use of the fixing-set. The space is very tight
    and can be closed with flex-plaster even without additional tapes! If
    fixing-set is not used is makes of course more sense to have no gap.

  6. wolfcraft toolfactory

    Hello Joe, sorry as a tool-specialist that is rather difficult to answer.
    We recommend to contact a manufacturer of technical boards!