25 responses on “Drywall Taper – Hardened by Columbia Automatic Taper

  1. Ben Zhang

    can you give us a moment to closely, clearly have a look at your finished
    taping job?
    if it’s just an ads, it will much disappoint.

  2. PrecisionTaping .

    Haha! Hi Jhony! You’re everywhere bro! lol! You just love taping videos
    eh!? Greetings from Canada!

  3. Juan Ramos García

    Precisión tapping, ok,you are really good, very good video, greetings from
    Spain. hopefully, we can have those tools.

  4. PrecisionTaping .

    This is a bad ass automatic taper!! Not only is it the nicest most hardcore
    looking taper on the market, but it performs and operates just as smoothly
    as it looks!!

  5. PrecisionTaping .

    Wall Tools rocks!! Thank you guys for taking the time and effort working
    with Columbia towards manufacturing this awesome tool!

  6. TheFloorBoys

    Yeah, I figured you guys had something to do with it, considering you guys
    have this drywall sh!t on LOCK! Seriously. You guys are top notch! Nice
    video production too! Keep banging Bro!!!! We’re watching and learning!!!!

  7. PrecisionTaping .

    2799$ is for the Hardened Full Set Special. That includes the Automatic
    Taper, corner roller, roller handle, angle head, angle head handle, corner
    box, corner box handle, 2 flat boxes, flat box handle, mud pump, gooseneck
    and box filler. And that price!? Is a wicked good deal for that set!! Trust
    me on that one! Won’t find a better deal that that. But the taper alone, is
    $1299. Which is also a pretty sweet deal. And you said it! F’n painters! 😀

  8. REALNassshole

    I went on walltools and I saw it at 2799$ :S if it’s 1299$ I might give it
    a try a little later. fucking painters lost my hawk, my sanding pole and 2
    knives… and my drill got stolen lol! here’s 300$ on my last day at that
    site lol!

  9. PrecisionTaping .

    Hahaha! It is a sweet ass tool bro! If you buy your drywall guys that as a
    Christmas bonus I’ll have to consider closing up shop and come work for
    you! You’ve been subscribed to my channel for a while too eh? Bet you
    didn’t know we filmed this. lol.

  10. PrecisionTaping .

    Hey man! Sorry for the late reply. We posted a link in the description
    which shows the price and where you can purchase the tool. It’s $1299. It’s
    a battle hardened edition and it’s only available from WallTools. Glad you
    enjoyed the music! Took me a long time to find something I was happy with
    which I thought fitted this bad ass tool nicely.

  11. TheFloorBoys

    Obviously (as you can see by my username) I’m not a drywall guy, but
    DAMN…this video sure makes me wanna be!!!!! Hell, my new username ought
    to be WannaBeDrywallGuy!!!! Thanks for posting. My drywall guys asked me to
    check out this vid, cause this is what they want for their Christmas Bonus!

  12. pelvi3a

    How is the work situation in canada for a taper, would consider moving out
    for a year or two if I thought I could work

  13. PrecisionTaping .

    Depends were you go! British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan are all
    booming!! Good money in those places. If you look for work, you’ll find it.

  14. PrecisionTaping .

    Ya sorry, Anemone changed it a bit for me for the purpose of the video.
    You’re right. Onyx Heart (Anemone Remix) is what the original is called.
    There’s a link to all his information in the description. Thanks for

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  16. theowest

    I did not find the full song this video provides, but I did find the name,
    it’s known as Anemone – Onyx Heart (Anemone Remix).