25 responses on “Drywall taper trick on stilts

  1. Sam Dallas

    I just have my camera man, pick it up…and hand it to me !!!
    But seriously man, thanks for taking the time to upload all these awesome
    Yours have been the most useful I’ve found, because of the EXCELLENT
    Lighting—Camerawork—Mud Slingr Skill—combo-pack.
    As a DIY’er, doing a large-scale addition/renovation…..I thank you.

  2. HumpinGrannys

    I just take one stilt off put my foot on the ground, bend over and grab it
    then put the stilt back on, whole procedure takes under 30 seconds. Whats
    so bad about getting off a stilt then getting back up? 25000 Bd ft per week
    kinda guy.

  3. Bushman Canuck

    @mudslingrpro your Canadian eh?…another trick is kicking stuff to stairs
    and then going down a few steps to pick it up from floor. 10,000 views…

  4. Tim Richardson

    Can you just drill a hole through the handle and tie a string through it
    and loosely around your wrist? If it falls out of your hand you will have
    caught it before it would have hit the floor.

  5. Mud Slingr

    LOL That’s what they used to call the strings that kept our mittens from
    getting lost when we were kids. A stick and a magnet would work well if I
    only would get around to rigging it up. 🙂 You are right though ! Safer is
    always better.

  6. gpgab971

    I’ve used a magnetic pick up for years now, i fashioned it from an old
    fishing rod section with a decent round magnet taped to the end and a bar
    magnet along the side. When i’m done picking up whatever it is i dropped, i
    simply slap it back unto the side of the stilts and it stays just below the
    knee for quick access. Also comes in handy for picking up a spilled box of
    nails too.

  7. prutis4

    I always have a tape measure nearby so i just loop it under what i dropped
    and flip it up. But ive also done this here. I used to just bend over and
    pick it up next to the wall but after 2 knee injuries theres not much bend

  8. John Mark Earle

    I was just finishing a job while my helper was away, and joked to her that
    I went through the whole job without dropping my sanding sponge once. A
    huge accomplishment for me as I am often asking her to come pick it for me,
    or doing balancing act to do what you have shown here. Keep up the good

  9. Mud Slingr

    @gpgab971 Great idea ! One of those things I’ve always told myself to get
    but have never got around to it. I’m using Skywalker stilts now and can’t
    do this trick on them. I guess it’s time to buy a magnet !

  10. Mud Slingr

    @smartsy1 Not really ! Took about half an hour to get used to and the rest
    of the day to adjust. Looking up and working overhead is the trickiest part
    I find.

  11. Self Observer

    Really wish I still had mine, I could show you how you can squat and pick
    that up off the floor in the middle of the room 🙂 But if you can picture
    this… step out wide with your right foot so your feet are 2x shoulder
    width apart, and while keeping your right leg relatively straight, twist
    and squat as if your trying to touch the ground with your left knee, after
    a little bit of practice so you can squat in a controlled way so you dont
    put your back out, you will touch the floor in no time 🙂