Drywall Taping for Beginners Guaranteed Professional Results

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Drywall Taping for Beginners Guaranteed Professional Results

Subscribe to our channel and like our videos! Drywall Taping for Beginners Leah from See Jane Drill gives step-by-step instruction on how to tape drywall for…
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15 responses on “Drywall Taping for Beginners Guaranteed Professional Results


    Hi Leah, I`ve always sub`ed out the finish work but with the economy not
    all the way back I decided to do it again after a LOT of yrs! I need a
    refresher and let me tell you, I`m SO HAPPY I found your video! You are
    SUCH a gr8 teacher… Thank you so so much.

  2. Chris Sellers

    Im a drywall finisher and just stumbled upon this video, Im curious how it
    looked once it was sanded out. Have a video or pics?

  3. Carlos Gonzalez Malla

    Thanks so mucho Seeja!, I´ll try to use your recommendations in the other
    end of the world…Argentina…

  4. David Gayle

    Thank you so much for this video. I’ve looked at countless videos about the
    drywall finishing process and yours is the one that most clearly shows how
    to do it. You’re a gifted instructor!

  5. Octavia karma

    Great instructions! I wanted to know why you suggest the paper tape over
    the mesh tape? Also, you said for coat 2 of the hot mix, it should be
    looser. If I use the pre-mixed joint compound for all 3 coats, it will
    always be the same consistency. Will this present a problem? Thank you so
    much for all these great videos.

  6. Brian E

    Good stuff. I have had my fair share of trade experience but never wanted
    to master drywall. Now a home owner, I find myself looking to improve on
    some skills. Your videos are very helpful and I like learning new tips on
    something I already know.
    One thing I can not find video on is how to finish a 3 way outside corner
    using standard corner bead or how to join long lengths of corner bead
    together on a very long soffit. Simple stuff but again, wise tips make a
    tough job easier.

  7. Christina Paz

    I agree! You do a wonderful job of clearly explaining each step. I
    appreciate that you have taken the time to show us DIY’ers ! Thanks! 

  8. lauryn Bell

    What happens if there are like air bubbles in the tape after you put it on
    and it hardens? Can it be fixed?