Drywall Tips and Techniques: Layout and Planning

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Drywall Tips and Techniques: Layout and Planning

In the first of a three-part series, drywall expert Myron Ferguson lays the groundwork for successful drywall installation. In this segment, he explains how …
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25 responses on “Drywall Tips and Techniques: Layout and Planning

  1. gsf67

    Great Vid, where I am from, we tend to hang sheets vertically, however you
    have provided a great argument for hanging sheet horizontally. All this
    talk of feet and inches confuses me, will the US ever use the metric
    system, to me it is much more logical.

  2. timbo805

    @JasonECI you put the uper wall first to make avery thing nice and snug up
    top and to tighten up and cover up all the gaps you may have in youre
    ceiling dytwall and then the botom one to leave you a 1″ gap for floring or

  3. irich62

    12 footers is usually the way to go – as you said, ceiling a bit under 8′
    and closet 49″ = 12′. no need to buy assorted sizes for one job except for
    the 54″ if you need them. you’re getting there pal but you still have a lot
    to learn to be a true drywall pro!

  4. superiorcustomdrywal

    @superfly1001978 yeah its actually not that hard. If its and interior brick
    wall you can glue the drywall to it. but if its an exterior brick wall,
    with the other side being exposed to weather, you will have to frame up
    something to screw the drywall to and keep the drywall off the brick
    because of moisture purposes.

  5. Firewalker688

    That was well done……screw the haters commenting on here. They are
    probably the ones taping 16 ft of rock vertical…or horizontal because
    they would use 4×8 sheets for 9 foot ceilings. Keep it up with the vids. Thx

  6. eltrasimaco

    Hi myron these videos are quite good and helped me a lot so thanks and
    pleeze hang some more ones 😉

  7. WolYou

    What’s that? Is he in a building or is this a cardboard box? Is houses in
    the USA really build like that?

  8. JasonECI

    Very very informative!! Thanks!!! Why is it preferred to install upper wall
    then lower? I thought the lower wall is better installed first so as to be
    a support for the upper wall? Is thicker wall always preferred when
    financially allowed?