25 responses on “Drywall Tips & Tricks-How to patch a hole/door knob patch The pro’s way!! drywall taping, mudding

  1. don carson

    good video, I always would cut the patch piece, say 5”X 5” square, lay it
    over the hole, and scribe the cutout with your knife, like you said, lotsa
    ways to do it

  2. zohanthecat

    we call it a california patch here, but this is easy too. trace a circle
    around the hole ( margarine container lid, bowl, whatever ) Use guide point
    router bit so you don’t cut wire or pex cut outside of line Cut a piece of
    board at least six inches bigger than the circle, trace circle again but on
    brown side of paper, score with knife inside the line and ten or so relief
    cuts like a sun a kid would draw, then peel the board away outside the
    circle leaving all the white paper.

  3. VintageModified

    camper, cracking happens when ever you dont use a setting compound, I dont
    care if its on a butt or fact. seam or a tree limb. If you use regular mud
    it will crack even under no stress. If anyone would read the label on mesh
    tape it will tell you. Its ok to not know much about mesh tape, All older
    tapers I know are old school and think everything cracks…..

  4. PhorGivN

    Your patch will crack later since you are using mesh tape. Mesh tape is
    made for factory seams, not for but joints. You need paper tape on those
    joints in your patch or you will have problems later.

  5. Camper Hollow

    Cracking occurs anytime you put mesh tape over butt joints. Mesh tape is
    only made for factory seams. The pros know this. Amateurs don’t.

  6. Sidney Mathious

    I’m new to doing drywall and I enjoyed how you fixed that hole. The way you
    did that one could not tell where the hole was after the area is painted. I
    have seen some work done where you could easily tell there was a damaged
    hole in the wall. The work you did is very professional.

  7. zohanthecat

    all purpose mud, but it all works, mud around the hole in the wall, get the
    cut edge covered a bit, put a quick skim on most of the patch, work it into
    the hole and wipe it like you would paper tape. It never cracks, it’s easy,
    great for electrical box holes, up to a foot i’ve done. hope i explained
    that well enough, ha ha ha. keep on rockin

  8. catfish4975

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  9. Camper Hollow

    There is always a fine hair crack that appears when using mesh tape over a
    butt joint no matter what is behind it. Talk to the reps at USG, mesh tape
    was made ONLY for factory seams.