5 responses on “drywall wet sanding

  1. Dean Eng

    Nice explanation! I will do this in my finished area was dreading dry
    sanding in my living area. Also, why in the heck didn’t the owners of the
    house in stall more windows in the basement! IMO too dark without enough
    natural light. 

  2. Caroline Ouellette

    Thank you for giving a basic approach to wet sanding. Most if not all other
    YouTube videos do not show it as well as yours. Much appreciated!

  3. Devora Clark

    NOT one of my favorite things to do, but I’m sprucing up my house to sell
    it and dreaded dry sanding because the dust gets everywhere! I’ll try this
    method. Thanks!!!!

  4. Nicole G

    Thanks for posting this! My husband has been dry sanding like crazy in the
    garage, today I did compound in the basement stairway and was wondering how
    I would ever clean my stairs of all the dust. I am definitely sponging