15 responses on “EPDM Rubber Roof installation,EPDM flat roof, Firestone UK Video

  1. Richie Butler

    @Hailefire Hi there, thanks for your comments. Call Firestone in the U.S
    and im sure they will provide you with a distributor or stockist for this
    product. Permaroof South Ltd

  2. Richie Butler

    @pompey571 Hi Dan Thanks for your comment and question. Yes you can
    purchase from us if you havent done the Firestone rubbercover training
    course but with no warrenty on the rubber membrane. If you take a one day
    course with us you will get the benifit of a 20 year distributors warrenty
    on the epdm rubber . Whichever option you chose please drop us a email or a
    phone call for a quote for supply only or Firestone rubbercover training
    course dates. Many thanks

  3. Richie Butler

    Thanks for your comment , yes Firestone Rubbercover really is a good system
    for rubber roofing . We stock the whole system and we cut to size from
    large rolls .We hold massive stocks so you can be sure we have everything
    in stock . Permaroof South Ltd

  4. Richie Butler

    Keep them dry by pulling the membrane over the foam boards if you get
    rained on. hope this helps Permaroof south Ltd

  5. Richie Butler

    @lopez0520 Hi there , Thanks for your comments and im glad the video was of
    use to you , good luck with your roof. Permaroof South Ltd

  6. pompey571

    Hi Permaroof South. question can firestone epdm rubber roofing be brought
    from you if you havent attended one of your firestone training courses.
    Good video Dan

  7. lopez0520

    hi there good video guys i learnd alot from these video am doing a 155,000
    sq foot flat roof it my 2nd time doing these and i want to thank you for
    these video it help me a lot