Finishing a Drywall Joint STEP 1

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Bedding coat and tape.
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25 responses on “Finishing a Drywall Joint STEP 1

  1. daniel hysmith

    Man i have finished sheetrock for 32 years and i have only wet the tape one
    time and that was when i was a greenhorn and the old guys teaching me told
    me to do it to get a laugh

  2. Wampas Womps

    question, so this is being shown using a 2 foot piece of drywall, but for
    example when u have say 6 sheets on a wall do u simply run the tape down
    all 20 feet of seam in one piece? Or just the seam of one piece of drywall
    at a time? Also since u say start in the center to drag across the tape
    would that mean starting in the center of the wall u are working on? even
    if its like 20 ft across?

  3. Brett Bar

    Why do you let the tape dry overnight? I always put my first coat of mud on
    after I have embedded the tape. Then I let it dry overnight before I apply
    my second coat. 9/10 times I can do it in two coats. Also, was that regular
    mud you were using? We use sheetrock 90 for our first coat always.

    Johan, sometimes I wet the paper, sometimes not. Today I did but last week
    I didn’t. Depends on the relative humidity . . .

    Good vid. However, you won’t ever make it on the late night infomercials!

  4. Mike McCain

    You might want to mention that there’s 2 types of mud (taping and
    finishing). Black/Green lid has more adhesive it some the tape sticks to
    the wall. Blue lid is for finishing.

  5. tim bessin

    Did anyone else notice that he put the paper tape on backwards? In the
    grand scheme of things it probably doesn’t matter all that much but there
    is a correct side to bed the tape to the wall with. The side that usually
    bends outwards goes to the wall(the pointy part) when you crease it

  6. Victor Baker

    never judge a book by it’s cover …When I first saw you I was about to
    say…”dude, you belong in the office” but after viewing the video…I like
    your technique. Good job !

  7. Ronald Cutting

    where did you learn how to tape? Number one you should water your mud down
    so when it drys it will suck the tape in. If you water the mud you would’t
    have to soak the tape. 

  8. Lucky Afternoon

    Great videos Ryan. As a novice drywaller, I appreciate video well-detailed
    instruction from a pro.. Thank You!