18 responses on “Finishing a Drywall Joint STEP 2

  1. Gregory Rechkalov

    Next you could make a tutorial where you put 2 drywall sheets without
    grooves and make the same process. Cause when you put your sheets
    horizintally the end of sheets don’t have grooves so you have to shape it

  2. Gregory Rechkalov

    I’ve seen tutorials where they make the tape step then put the finishing
    mud right after without waiting 24 hours.

  3. Ty Ranger

    Hahaha. Look, I Can Mud !
    2:42 -“I’m gonna call that good.”
    If you get the hang of doing this you won’t need 3days and a 50 step

  4. DontCloudMe Please

    Ya, I’m not going to wait 3 days to join my drywall. It has about an hour
    before I start to lose interest and begin to reconsider just how important
    it is to my life.