23 responses on “Finishing a Drywall Joint STEP 3

  1. pio xls

    24 hrs and 24 hrs and 24 hrs …and you are done ….just use another kind
    of compound ….and you can make it faster …wet on wet ….

  2. Travis Allington

    hes the worst ive ever seen. and ppl are buying this bs. hes holding the
    knife too flat and not applying enough pressure and rolling the knife too

  3. Maxwyk

    I paint for over 20 years in Germany, and noooobody use paper for this
    work. Use a good knife, and in two steps the work is done….

  4. tyler rose

    Why even use a 12″ knife if you’re not gunna make your mud 12″ wide? These
    videos are frustrating 

  5. neckarsulme

    This guy looks like he hasn’t had a real job ever, he can’t even finish a
    joint properly. Those who can’t do, teach. 

  6. Rob Urban

    very helpful 6 part series on drywall finishing. for feathering, this is a
    very good technique that I have found works. at 5:20 How to tape an
    inside corner – Sheet Rock