First Look – Makita FS6300 Drywall Screwdriver

0 Comment Neil and John demonstrate the features and benefits of the Makita FS600 screwdriver, …
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How to tape and float drywall in one day using 20 minute joint compound to hang drywall and patch drywall in one day. How to hang drywall in one day. How to …

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31 responses on “First Look – Makita FS6300 Drywall Screwdriver

  1. MrToolstop

    Hi Daniel, in general, the higher speed the lower torque. You want higher
    torque for longer and bigger screws

  2. daniel finao

    Hi how are you?. Im a drywaller and Im really confused I need one more
    drywall screwdriver , but i dont know with one to buy? Makita FS6300 with
    is 6000 RPM or FS4200 wich is 4000 RPM, More RPM in this case means better
    tool? Thanks Daniel

  3. alijamalwandawi

    thank you for this information , i have another question ….which devices
    model type and number (in makita hitach and dewalt ) that are used for the
    appropriate hole and tighten the hex washer self drill screws( 38″
    14″516″ ) in the steel plates ?

  4. alijamalwandawi

    thanks for replay i have another question my device is makita drywall screw
    driver 6823 can i used it with stell struts ? one person told me your
    device used with wood only is it right ?

  5. MrToolstop

    @alijamalwandawi They are designed for wood and drywall, but I’m sure with
    the right screws you’ll be OK

  6. demolitionbarbiedoll

    wish more people would be like this, just a good all-around commonsense
    decent nice guy! .. not bragging about his work, and not acting like an
    self glorified / self-indulgent know it all idiot fool! .. > Bravo!

  7. OneDayHenry

    Great video! Thank u for posting!
    If I am using westpac compound for doing hand texture, which one would you
    Green dot for doing skip trowel hand texture?
    Please let me know! Thanks!

    (Westpac is the material brand we are going to be using for our skip trowel
    hand texture. Just wanted to find out your opinion).

  8. JB1052

    What’s the difference between Westpac’s red dot and green dot and they have
    lightweight taping and topping in a white box? What’s the difference
    between those?

  9. Jesus Rivera

    Awesome video. I gotta do this today using 45 mins mud and iam a bit scared
    because I never worked with it before. So your video gave me confidence.

  10. Davison Long

    It’s great that you make it fun in addition to doing it well. I appreciate
    the sense of humor almost as much as your work. Wish I could have you work
    on my house if I ever build one!

  11. stargateproductions

    I tend to go old school for the first and last coats, I skim the entire
    work surface to level out any invisible damage and indents and I repeat
    with the last coat. Just a personal preference, and not recommend for an
    non-professional. Great video, I learned a trick from your work. Thanks!

  12. stargateproductions

    As a plasterer myself, I dislike mesh because we often find it cracks over
    time, while it’s a quicker product, you can use paper tape with the setting
    compound with about the same results, however mesh is more DYI friendly.
    Just make sure you use a setting compound with mesh and not an all purpose

  13. ElevateConcepts

    Thank you for this! I suck so bad at mudding, but now I’ll be more
    confident and efficient! THANK YOU!

  14. Dennis Almquist

    Great job my father in law didnt beleive I could do this I do it just like
    u and he was shocked after u video great job looks great

  15. John Lew

    Great video, you should be a teacher, you know how some people are
    knowledgeable but their teaching sucks, I can tell that you’re
    knowledgeable and have an awesome way of conveying that over for your
    audience to learn…