Fishing walls and cutting drywall – Wood walls and firebreaks – Part 2/2

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Products available at In this video we demonstrate how to fish cable down a wall with firebreaks.

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59/365: Cut drywall for new door
Image by Earnest_One
What you’re seeing here is a space under some stairs. We want to put a door there, so the drywall had to be cut out for it to fit. Boy, is that ever a messy job! Hubby ran the saw while I tried to vacuum the dust as it spit out. Then he’d stop for a while and I vacuumed the air and the wall and the floor. Rinse, repeat. I think it was worth the effort though, as the basement isn’t nearly as dusty as I would expect after chopping out drywall. Unfortunately the door still doesn’t fit so we have to do a lot more sanding tomorrow. I’m so thankful for my vacuum!

Oh, and Happy New Year, everyone!

19 responses on “Fishing walls and cutting drywall – Wood walls and firebreaks – Part 2/2

  1. AirIUnderwater

    Worked easy for me. 🙂
    Got ethernet cables going to all my bedrooms now connected to my router
    downstairs. Nice!

  2. Terry Magyar

    You can drill thru the fire stop without cutting an opening in the
    drywall. Drill from the top sill plate. Use a wood bit on the end of a 4,
    6, or 8 foot rod. You should find them in any big box store’s electrical

  3. Kevin Scott

    is there a way to fish a wire like that WITHOUT doing any type of pumpkin
    cutting…. because the hole needs to be patched and painted……and 9 out
    of 10 times…..color matching is impossible.

  4. Andrew Wallace

    Flex bit is nice. but you could damage the wall more with flex bit. and
    some tight places hard to get a 3-7ft flex bit.

  5. king3550

    I Enjoy seeing Jim educate ppl especially me . I am starting out with 1000
    ft of cat5e and 100 rj45 jacks , a tester and crimpers to run simple
    networks for routers in my church i work at and possibly homes and
    business’s I find the extremely educational . Thank you Jim.

  6. NETWizzJbirk

    “The most expensive cable in the world is the one that is 6″ short.” –
    Awesome quote 🙂

  7. Mike Olech

    This is a great video and this is exactly the problem I running into.
    However, I’m fishing a wall that is painted red and I really don’t want to
    cut a pumpkin because painting it will be a pain but I guess thats what I
    need to do. Thanks a lot for this help and I need to buy those fishing
    rods.. 😉

  8. 92HondaEX

    Pumpkin cut is brilliant, but I been wondering how would you tell where the
    firebreaks are if you a working from the attic? measure the ceiling
    thickness and subtract that from the length on your rod?

  9. greyczon

    after a whole bunch of useless 2 minute videos – finally found a great
    descriptive video. thanks very much..

  10. Trubbles

    I’m a newbie to construction. I found this video descriptive and useful. I
    have one question, though. How do you start off on top of the wall? Are you
    assuming that the building is still under construction? Personally, I am
    trying to figure out how to run Ethernet wire from my main floor to my
    basement. I understand how to drill the holes, make the wall cuts, and fish
    the wire. I just can’t understand how to drill a vertical hole from one
    floor to the floor below.

  11. RMP

    Thank you for posting this. I think I’ve watched 25 videos that were
    useless when it comes to having firebreaks in a wall. Finally I came across
    your video and it does a great job of teaching how to use the pumpkin cut
    and find the right place to cut to drill through the firebreaks. Well done.

  12. linagee

    If you try the pumpkin cut and you can’t get the flap to open, couldn’t you
    just put a screw into the center of the flap and use the screw as leverage
    to pull the piece outward? (A screw hole can also easily be patched.)

  13. Ryan Bills

    Excellent video. I’m having trouble fishing a cable thru a wood framed wall
    now. I didn’t want to patch my wall, but I never thought to do a pumpkin
    cut like Jim shows in the video. This will make it way easier. Thanks Jim 🙂

  14. MilleComProducts

    This is a great video – the “pumpkin cut” is just brilliant. The only part
    I don’t like is the use of the fiberglass rod with the metal ends – you
    could hit a live electrical wire – like there is in every episode of Holms
    on Homes, get fiberglass in your hands or even shatter the rod. But I’m
    prejudiced! If you guys would like to resell the Mille-Rod Polymer Rods,
    let me know! 866-369-4096