Fixing a Bad Tape Job – (Part 1) Drywall Repair & Wall Preparation

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25 responses on “Fixing a Bad Tape Job – (Part 1) Drywall Repair & Wall Preparation

  1. Joseph McNulty

    Wow, I thought MY taping and mudding was bad. That job looks like a blind
    monkey with one arm did that.

  2. nineridesshotgun

    dude, thanks for your videos. I am thinking of changing trades and may get
    into Drywall Taping. Is there anything i should be aware of before getting
    into the trade?

  3. montyloree

    this is the reason that i fear drywall… but… it’s good to see that
    there’s a fix for this… thanks!!

  4. Maria Kalinowska

    Sufit to najgorsze co może być,najbardziej nie lubie tego robić.Całe
    szczęście , że tak często nie muszę malować swoje mieszkanie. Dziękuję za
    wspaniały film z tym związany i pozdrawiam Ciebie Russ – Maria. The ceiling
    is the worst thing you can be, most do not like this robić.Całe lucky that
    so often do not have to paint your house. Thank you for the great video
    that goes with it and I greet you Russ – Maria.

  5. Ed Gonzales

    @user72689 Steel beams normally sit on a cinder block foundation, which
    means in contact with outside temperature. Note the rust. In winter the
    house interior is heated but the steel is in equilibrium with outside
    ambient temp at or below Dew Point, so water vapour condenses on the steel
    (that releases temp, so heats) and H2O, an excellent dissolvent, destroys
    the gypsum bond. Goodbye drywall tape.

  6. Jackie Toye

    How did you get ALL of my old mud jobs? Learning to get better at it and
    your videos are Awesome!! Thanks

  7. Ed Gonzales

    The ceiling angle didn’t lift because the original taper did a hokey
    amateur job, but thermal conduction from the steel support beam. No matter
    how good a repair it’ll always re-lift. The room should be crown
    molded.around the ceiling angle perimeter.