13 responses on “Flat Roofing | GRP Roofing

  1. wildwill1970

    at 5:42 isn’t that ladder upside down? It’s painful on the feet walking on
    the round side of the rungs.

  2. Michael leahcim

    I have had a GRP fibreglass roof fitted less then 3 years ago by a roofer
    and it has 3 leaks already (pin holes) water getting into the plasterboard
    and light fitting and puddles on the floor…the roofer has gone bankrupt
    now. and has left me with a crap roof please see this video by clicking on
    my youtube name above….I think I got a cowboy

  3. DeathShouldTakeMeNow

    Looks pretty good overall. Not 100% sold on putting it directly over the
    wood deck however. Would be a nightmare if you ever need to take it off for
    whatever reason. 

  4. Jimmy Widdrington

    sorry eddie but this is bullshit,ive just stripped a felt roof that was on
    for 41 years the deck underneath was almost perfect so it wasnt even
    leaking bad,and as for a grp roof lasting 50 years,fucking no chance,what
    about pin holes,the top coat pealing and the base resin cracking,the roof
    sweating and the plywood being saturated,also cant see any paddle rollers
    so you will have pin holes,and as for increasing the value of the
    house,they must be fucking stupid to believe that absolute bullshit

  5. Ian Moffatt

    You won’t get pin holes if its installed correctly, paddle rollers are used
    on grp roofs – its the most important tool. Don’t use ply as it can
    delaminate you should instead use OSB3 boards and keep them DRY! The top
    coat won’t peal if it’s applied correctly and the base resin only cracks if
    you add too much catalyst which in turn will make the resin cure too quick
    and will cause it to crack. How many felt roofs have you had to repair due
    to cracks, tears, damage from tiles? 0 if it was GRP!!!