FSR Expands Infrastructure Line of Wall Box Solutions with Introduction of PWB

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Diffuser view 5 Swan River
Drywall Installation
Image by JDB Sound Photography
In areas where there is no people traffic or where there is room for larger diffusers, larger diffusers are built. Each diffuser in the balcony is different in size as each is designed for a different task. These diffusers are sized to account for both the lateral reflections and the vertical reflections on the balcony area as well as in the foyer. In this church, the foyer is not isolated and is therefore part of the whole acoustic signature of the room.

The Photos presented here are for people seeking professional help from JdB Sound Acoustics. Every worship space is different and each installation presented here was professional calculated, planned and designed. JdB Sound Acoustics cannot be held accountable if your DIY project fails and your acoustical problems become worse.


FSR Expands Infrastructure Line of Wall Box Solutions with Introduction of PWB
Woodland Park, NJ (August 27, 2014) – FSR, leading manufacturer of a wide variety of products for the audio/video, education, hospitality, government, and religious markets, continues to expand its infrastructure line of Wall Box solutions with the …
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