33 responses on “Galliano – roofing tiles

  1. noiwont doit

    Well, i think that was a lovely little dity .bound for carlyle with a load
    of roofing tiles.reminds me of going to carlyle with some roofing tiles.we
    didnt crack ours tho,dead proffesional like.Oh yeah!

  2. Handsom3Joe

    @ANDROMEDAKRAKEN Thanks man!Could you type at least the bridge? I’ve been
    listening this song for 12 years without knowing exactly the lyrics…


    @Handsom3Joe you are welcome, these are not official though, just what I
    can make out from the singer.

  4. Juanito Alimaña

    I’ve been here for an hour or more See the canal’s just a little dirty to
    tell An old friend’s mom got walken by She said she’s king of tired, but
    she’s well And i sit here and i wonder It’s both a blessing and a curse 99′
    might have got better Can’t stop till i see the ____ ____ ____ ___

  5. Juanito Alimaña

    I was wrong, you were right there’s a straight up here…??…. past the
    theater, by the bridge, two shopping trolleys, half a fridge, off the steps
    they take you to the road, cracked roofing tiles just _____ ____ ____


    @Handsom3Joe ” then (BLANK-cant work out the word he says) start pushing
    up, dropping bits, down on us, outside they try to (be denied/feed the
    night-who knows) ” NEXT BIT I Cant Decipher-, “Lorry turns bound for
    Carlisle, with a thousand roofing tiles, most are dropping all around; your
    voice makes the only sound. “I’ve been here for an hour or more. Canal’s a
    little dirty to tell.. an old friend’s mum goes on walking by. She say she
    kinda tired but, she’s well. And I sit here and I wonder,”

  7. Juanito Alimaña

    The live version in Toyko in the liquid room is utterly amazing, in fact
    Galliano is one of those groups that’s so talented collectively that they
    actually sound even better live than in studio.

  8. Handsom3Joe

    @ANDROMEDAKRAKEN Thank you a bunch!!! There are no lyrics in the CD’s
    booklet and, sadly, nobody has ever typed’em down in the whole wide

  9. Juanito Alimaña

    Lori turns bound for Carlisle With a thousand roofing tiles Most are
    dropping all around your voice makes the only sound

  10. Richard Keech

    ’99 might have got better, can’t stop ’til I see the one that got worse’ –
    if that helps?


    @Handsom3Joe “look below..there’s most dropping all around, your voice
    makes the only sound”. Thats the lyrics, missing a few words that I cannot
    decipher. I think the lyricist was high as a kite when he wrote the song,
    to be frank. Or if you want to look at it academically, it is a zeitgeisty
    observation of an ordinary urban street scene and its comings and goings in
    the 90s. Or he was stoned. Or both. Cheers!

  12. Juanito Alimaña

    Ok, so this is what we got so far. Let’s try to fill in the blanks. The
    canal can’t stay still tonight Must have some news to tell A boy was pushed
    in this afternoon He’s claiming now that he fell And i sit here and i
    wonder and always think too much If i could just slow my mind down a while
    But even relaxin’ be a rush


    Your lyrics are totally wrong you ought to have scrolled down you would
    have seen my correct ones. For a start they are English and don’t use the
    words “mom” or gotten

  14. Patriot36

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