22 responses on “Green Roofing – A Simple Step Toward Sustainability

  1. schloopfeng

    I just can’t help wonderin ………………. why’d he jump the gate when
    there was no flinkin fence around it 

  2. Cleveland Roofers

    What are your thoughts on how a local roofing company can start
    implementing a green roofing process? Very interesting video and right on
    time as we are in the process of making our roofing process more green.

  3. ColumbiaSC100

    I love this but I think it is a little too idealistic. I wish it was true
    we could live this way, but apparently as a species we lack the will.

  4. DelawareContractors

    I have really loved experiencing your current video recording about
    Rooftops. I just recently began in roof covering and found all of your
    information to be fantastically very beneficial. I look forward to
    observing other of your current movies. Can I ask how long you have been in
    this specific industry?

  5. Matthew Thomas

    its more than global warming hype, mr. arrogant. without the “hype” how
    will there ever bee a serious awareness that this world needs to change?

  6. MrCharlesdobe

    I was looking for step by step green roof construction. To make useful
    waisted space on a house lot. The globe warming hype is a waste of my time

  7. sinsarcasmo

    That’s to give us the idea that time is running out, and that we have to
    save the planet, so the fucking banksters inforce AGENDA 21, which it is
    wonderful if you read it, but awfully bad if you start asking questions
    about simple things like agriculture, and life like we know it. It’s the
    enslavement of humanity.

  8. James Klippel

    Watch the you tube, “organic architecture Suncrest Cottage”, for more
    information on garden roof home design.

  9. mccartherable

    This is depressing. The world is not ending and the world is not heating up
    b/c of fossil fual. Our hope is NOT in saving the earth–we are so small
    and insegnificant. To think that WE can SAVE earth on our own is stupid.