25 responses on “GRP Flat Roofing System

  1. Ingvar Karelsson

    If you can stand on roll and not make a mark on it, then you are not
    heating in enough. The membrane should meld togeather and be as one. People
    that think other do not know how to do flat roofs with bitumen membrane.
    P.S PVC roof are the most faulty roof that i have come across of.

  2. edss1569

    if you leave footprint your getting it to hot…i always walk on my roll
    and never have prints and im not a small guy.

  3. Crazychloe13

    I worked with a guy who would light his cigarettes with a torch like that.
    He wasnt the sharpest person i ever met.

  4. Benny .blc

    lol we never use a roller but we have other types offroofing here in
    belgium i use a Sifert torch they are just good we push on the roofing so
    we dont need to use the roller faster also we need to lay 200m² each day
    and the rolli,g u need to sit on your knees guys so u dont replace the roll
    when moving

  5. Mark Phillips

    i there i work for a company that lays bauder felt and i stand on the rool
    then doing the capping and i do not put marks in it and u have got to be
    aproved to lay there felt and i have had not 1 complaint cheers

  6. kopynd

    Euro Roof ( italy) was the best torch on, we used the bronze 4mm,still
    prefer pour and roll,been there done them all in the seventies, pvc
    membrane,fibreglass,and still at it

  7. ChENTE B

    Call me old fashion or whatever, but there’s nothing like a hot mop roof.
    Sure I install this stuff, and sometimes it is more convinient, but I sleep
    easier after nailing #28lb/sq, and hot mopping #11lb/sr, #90lb/sq.

  8. jake

    it goes on and on about safety precautions about fire of the structure, why
    does it not tell you breathing the fumes of that crap will nearly ensure a
    early grave? lungs liver kidneys where do you think all those fumes go, if
    your torch is off maybe you can add in some carbon monoxide to boot,
    seriously you should pipe in the fresh air if your around that stuff? my .02

  9. rdubb604

    why would you want single ply when you can have TWO PLIES????? You only
    have 1 chance with the single ply!!!