15 responses on “Gypsum Recycling (Plasterboard/Drywall/Wallboard Recycling)

  1. Gypsum Recycling International

    Video of gypsum recycling operation, from collection of the waste to the
    recycling and production of recycled gypsum and use of the same by the
    plasterboard plant. Video made by Gypsum Recycling International – the
    world leader in gypsum recycling #gypsumrecycling #gypsum #recycling 

  2. yousafGYP

    it is very nice work i like it we also supply Gypsum & plaster of paris to
    all over the world please see the videos like and subscribe us.

  3. Gypsum Recycling International

    @christinicole Both are recycled. The metal goes to a metal recycler, while
    the paper is used for animal bedding, composting or similar. Best Regards,
    Henrik Lund-Nielsen

  4. Henrik Lund-Nielsen

    I am sorry: Can you be a bit more specific ? Are you aksing for what price
    recycled gypsum can be sold to the wallboard manufactorers for ? Are you
    saying that that agricultural users are paying 250-300 $/t for the gypsum
    they buy ? Do you know wether this gypsum is in the hemihydrat or
    dihyrdrate form ?

  5. Gypsum Recycling International

    Rick, what is your email ? I will send you a report we did on the CO2
    benefits of recycling plasterboard

  6. Gypsum Recycling International

    No, unfortunately it is not possible to set up the system in India
    presently, due to the low cost of waste disposal locally.

  7. Gypsum Recycling International

    Rick, are you doing an LCA of gypsum recycling or ?? Per 1.000 kg we use 2
    liters of diesel oil

  8. cl10473

    How does the pricing compare recycled for gypsum sold back to the
    manufacturers verses agricultural use at $250-300 per ton? Thanks

  9. Rick Totten

    I am doing an embodied carbon calculation for a building and seeing if
    recycling the plasterboard at the end of life would help reduce the carbon
    footprint of the building but unfortunately by the sounds of it the
    recycling operation is quite a carbon intensive process…

  10. Rick Totten

    Many thanks Henrik. Could I also ask how much energy the process requires
    (i.e. energy input per kg recycled material produced)?

  11. Gypsum Recycling International

    10% more = 1,1 kg, or in other words from 1 kg of ypsum waste, 900 grams
    (0,9 kg) of recycled gypsum is made. Best regards Henrik Lund-Nielsen