6 responses on “Harbor Freight Roofing Nailer

  1. William Todd

    Great review. Been thinking about picking on up, seems here lately I’ve
    been doing more roof work at home, and the hammering and smashing fingers
    gets old LOL. 

  2. Joe Shook

    I got a few of them i’m a roofer the guys drop them of the roof I get em a
    new shiny one and not even mind that much, I’ve done allot of work with the
    gun, not a darn thing wrong with it, it’s a bit heavy but that’s good for
    the deltoids.

  3. ucfsub

    Thanks for the review. I ran out and bought it with the coupon for 79.99,
    set it at 100psi and laid down 5 square on my garage roof with only one
    single misfire. I did keep it good and oiled though but you should with any
    air tool. The only downside was the weight for me, it felt like it was
    about 4 pounds heavier than the Bostich but at less than half the price
    this tool (or this particular part number) seems to be a real winner. I
    remember a year or two ago HF was offering a standard roofing nailer and
    an “industrial” roofing nailer which looked like this one. Either way,
    great buy and thanks for the video.

  4. roynorw

    very nice vid sir i totally agree with the home owner view you have on
    tools do youi think it will go thru hardie siding