22 responses on “Home Help : How to Repair Large Holes in Drywall

  1. jonboy1962

    Very useful and helpful for the shade tree home repairman/homeowner! Thank
    you, the clips are a great idea!

  2. ItsPerfect2121

    I know nothing about fixing anything and I found this video extremely
    handy. The guy in the video I dubbed him Andy and Andy walked me through
    the process efficiently and productivity. My first coat is currently
    drying. I hope when im ready for paint, my hole will vanish like Andy’s
    did. Thanks

  3. Kara Mak

    Me and my brother are switching rooms and he has a big hole in it! Thanks
    so much, I subscribed. Great How To!

  4. TGP7609

    Well done, sir. Thanks for posting this video. Exactly what I was looking
    for, and found it on the first try. You make it look easy, so I hope it
    will be the same for me. Thanks again.