25 responses on “Home Remodeling: Mudding Drywall : Mudding Drywall: Applying 2nd Coat of Joint Compound

  1. irich62

    I like at the end when he puts a glob of mud on one row of screws and then
    wipes down a row 2 rows over – lmao!

  2. Harry Canoly

    Your muds to tight and you never stroke sideways unless restricted by space
    or an obstacle. Also a 12 inch knife is way over kill.

  3. sickmade18

    i know huh, i been taping for 9 years and mine comes out so straight that
    people think i use the box that lazy workers use, and who applies mud to a
    corner like that, on and i’m only 21 so i started drywall when i was 12

  4. Afili8ted808

    Did he say 3rd coat?…..lol OMG what a dumb ass…..i hate when people
    post things and trying to teach you something on you tube and its wrong,
    very ignorant


    JESUS! WTF? Why not make the wall out of mud!!!!!??? Whats the point of
    using that nice straight drywall? Use the compound to bridge the drywall,
    not to make a layer of compound on top of the drywall.. good luck sanding
    ROFL!!! xD xD xD

  6. How to DIY with Sammy Bones

    Yes, don’t use so much mud. I hate sanding. I posted a short video on how
    to reduce the amount of sanding by making the joint compound very smooth.
    Check it out if you like. Have a great day!

  7. lovesomecujo

    The twelve inch knife on the bead isnt such a bad thing as long as your
    only leaving enough mud to feather it out. Not exactly sure what he’s doing
    on that one. And oh yeah is this guy like four foot tall he is barely
    taller than the bottom board haha

  8. Maribel Lopez

    WT %*^% Jesus… and I thought I was doing a mess in my garage…. Today I
    just started my garage project and the very first thing I learned is LESS
    IS MORE!!! when it comes to drywall compound application!!!

  9. David Sanders

    I just rewatched this video. Either he is the biggest girl i have ever seen
    or his mud is 100 times too thick

  10. MxcnOnThRn

    good god this guy shud stick to just letting the mexicans do the finishing,
    this guy dosen’t evn kno how to cover the screws, second of all you only
    need 2 coats not 3 thiz guys fuking retarded and everything is a mess, i
    sure azz hope nobody hires hiz crackhead azz

  11. Jorge Villegas

    Is he for real? I was looking for some videos that would help me spread
    less mud, I clicked on the wrong video.

  12. Darrel Hall

    This guy is so hilarious that I had to watch all his drywall videos. I
    heard he has another series on YouTube: “How To Shoot Meth… More is

  13. junogym

    I’ve never heard ANYONE grunt that hard running a bead or flat. Working
    that Hard doesn’t mean you know what you are doing is just means your lost

  14. PrecisionTaping .

    One of my favourite comedy’s!!! Whenever I have a hard day at work, I come
    home and watch this and laugh and think to myself, well, at least I’m not
    this friggen retard!

  15. Ricki Grey

    LMFAOOOOOOO well now thats not how we tape here in canada lol and ive seen
    a few comments on here about third coat, I also like to do my beads, screws
    and butt joints three times (no call backs seeing im a business owner in
    taping and texture ceilings