16 responses on “How to bend drywall Part 2

  1. AntonyTrickrider

    I didn´t know there was a fexible one. What make it flexible? (Makes it
    easier for me when I know what I´m looking for.)

  2. renovacman

    i do not understand what you mean by “Felxivles no plates, can be done?” if
    you can put that into plain english i can probably help you. and your

  3. aj2674

    Wait, what? A matter o screwing off? Jokes aside, I bend wood using any
    number of combinations of heat, steam, water and vinegar. The Vinegar makes
    the wood rubbery, and I wonder if it would have the same effect on the
    backing paper…a bend but not break deal…hmmmm, anyone try vinegar?.

  4. Railyard Productions

    Hi Charlie, Ok, So I have the outer concave corners bent up. Went real
    easy, I am running the sheetrock Horizontal. Now I need to bend the Concave
    part, Every video I see has the sheetrock being bent in a vertical
    position.I need to keep mine running Horizontal. Will this work ok? I tried
    bending this once already and it was going good but then it snapped. Its
    going into a 32″ opening,

  5. backwoods223

    So what is the method for drying it after you wet it down? Do you just let
    it sit or use some sort of heating device to dry out the paper? Thanks

  6. renovacman

    that is a problem. drywall has a grain just like wood. only bends one
    direction. convex or concave is good but you have to follow the grain.