7 responses on “How To Build A Lean To Shed – Part 7 – Roofing Install

  1. Troy Young

    Your “Part 8 – Door Build” video isn’t linked at the end of this video.
    Just thought you might want to know that.

  2. Cy Ance

    It took me about 4.5 hours to do all this – as I hate heights any height
    and this was my first time. Use the plastic felt nails as shown they are
    only about $6 per 300 or so. I didn’t measure the 12″ up along the edges
    for shingle adjustment, but eyeballed it and it was near perfect at the top.
    I also used 1/2 plywood – you will need 2 pcs of it or osb.
    I used owens corning Driftwood Dimensional/architectural shingles I bought
    at L’s. It has a different adhesive system (tar strip) but it works fine.
    I made starter strips from them. The offset is 6.25 inches for the
    dimensional stuff I used.
    I purchased rolled 8″ aluminum flashing $6 for the ridge but because it is
    dimensional shingles it is a little awkward.
    The hardest part of this whole job is trimming the shingles on the rake.
    Near disaster for me as it is very tough to do and you can ruin your work
    quick. I actually used a cordless dewalt trim saw to trim a little and it
    worked ok but you need to wear goggles, long sleeves and be above the saw
    when cutting because it is throwing debris everywhere and it stings when it