25 responses on “How to cut Drywall | How to cut plasterboard

  1. Justin Teixeira-Vaz

    Love these vids. I have fitted a whole new bathroom including moving a wall
    using them and it’s come up pretty well. Wish I had seen this video on
    cutting drywall previously though – I’ve been using a jigsaw. You can
    imagine the mess!

  2. cory0814

    This is a neat trick that most don’t know. I learned that a few years ago.
    Still hasn’t caught on in the states it seems. At least R.I. Good video.

  3. Ultimate Handyman

    Blimey, that is not something I have seen before. Normally you would make a
    stud wall from timber and then attach a sheet of plasterboard onto each
    side. I’d definitely make a stud partition for attaching the plasterboard’s

  4. Mitchell Greatrix

    ill try that tip, cuz nothing worse than having a peice to small and than
    no factory edge for a seem in the middle of the room or ceiling

  5. Ultimate Handyman

    @jcrule You can get some expanding foam adhesive now, which are quite good
    on most surfaces, you could take a look at that! Or perhaps grab adhesive,
    take a look at the maximum torque video on youtube from everbuild 😉

  6. morninboy

    I’ve been using the buddy for more than a year now and it is interesting to
    see the looks on boarders faces when I cut with it. Ripping thin strips one
    handed it where it really shines. I can do the finger dragging thing but
    when it is not necessry why bother.

  7. Jack Choi

    @ultimatehandyman 🙂 any ideas what best to use to stick strips of
    plasterboard (7″ wide at most) onto recycled rubber panels (M20AD – for
    absorbing sound)? Im looking at some contact adhesive but any suggestions
    would be great. thanks

  8. Ultimate Handyman

    Not that I know of, I normally just smash the hell out of it and clean up
    later. Thanks for the comment

  9. cglees

    thanks, thats the method i went with. The stud wall between the bathroom
    and bedroom was just 3 sheets of plasterboard stuck together. There were no
    upright or horizontal timbers anywhere on the entire wall. The only places
    that it was fixed was the top bottom and either end where there is timber.
    I just sawed out large sections in the end. Its quite a large wall, is this
    normal? I am thinking of putting timbers all over and screwing on when i
    replace it, what do you think? Thanks

  10. Jacana Productions

    bloody brilliant but I didn’t know you use drywall in the UK, though the
    houses were built properly not like the paper boxes here in the USA 🙂

  11. Ultimate Handyman

    @tommmmmer Yes it is, although it is used over here a bit as well, such as
    when you buy dry wall adhesive etc. Thanks for the comment!