17 responses on “How to Cut Drywall.

  1. Pawlo A

    Here is my tip if I may: When cutting a sheet to length l I always put
    three marks on the board instead of two. That way when I line up my level
    to draw a line all three marks should line up. Lets face it we all make
    mistakes from time to time and we put marks on the board one measurement
    might be off or wrong and we won’t even know it (that’s what she said after
    I took the 10th beer). This way you line should go over all three marks to
    verify that all measurements are correct (unless you use a crooked board in
    that case nothing of what I said would matter)

  2. shaneconlan1

    Hey Andy,is that where the little bugger got to. The chainsaw must have
    scared him:) Thanks for watching mate. Hope you’re not freezing to death
    over there. If you are you might be able to snuggle up to our old mate (a
    fellow scottsman for you) “The Dick Puller”. Have a good one. Cheers.

  3. shaneconlan1

    G’day DP. Mate the common size of plasterboard over here is 10mm. We
    probably don’t have the insulation concerns that you guys have over there.
    There is one long horizontal join per wall. Mate it’s a lot easier than
    doing multiple vertical sheets that need to join on a stud, and there’s no
    bending required when ‘stopping’ (mudding) up. Sheet lengths go from 1800mm
    long up to 6 metres. Let me work on mentioning you in one of the vids.
    Cheers mate. Did you like the chainsaw action?

  4. shaneconlan1

    Bloody termites, can well do without those little barstards! Thanks heaps
    for the mention in the “YouTube Hall of Fame” vid! Much appreciated old
    son. I’ll have to return the favour. Cheers mate.

  5. Fibre Washer

    I thought you handled that chain saw with great care there knackers!! Oh,
    do you think you could give me a mention, that would be wonderful. I’m all
    excited now i’ve gone quite hard!!

  6. Andy MacRae

    Great tip Uncle Knack, was that a cat Meowing in the background at the end?
    You didn’t trap it behind the plasterboard did you? Loll

  7. VB Ed

    Over here in WA, all walls in houses are solid brick because of our termite
    problem. (I hope you liked your mention in my most recent video titled:
    “YouTube’s Hall of Fame”). Cheers mate.

  8. teragrammy

    Why not reinsert the coat hanger into the peephole just before cutting the
    last seam? That way the cut out piece does not fall down behind the wall.
    Great tip, Knackers!

  9. Fibre Washer

    As a matter of interest Knackers dear boy; what size of plasterbaord is
    commonly used in the colonies at the present time 12mm?? Also, I’m lead to
    believe you chaps fix long horizontal sheet, so in a normal ceiling height
    room there would be a long horizontal joint? Is this correct my good man &
    can you please confirm the size of these sheets?? Oh be a good chap & give
    my good self a mention in one of your videos, it would be something to tell
    my grandchildern. I hope you’re piles have eased?