How To Cut Metal Studs

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Master craftsman Rob North demonstrates how to properly cut metal studs for framing. For project ideas, check out

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  1. douglas carpenter

    He hasn’t cut much metal. You can position the piece against your side
    while pulling up on the side you want. You cut a comfortable curve in the
    piece. As long as the corner points are exact,the rest doesn’t matter. On
    light material 20 gauge or less, you can cut the sides ,bend the piece and
    use a razor knife to score the bottom of the piece. Then bend the piece
    back and forth. After a few bends it breaks cleanly .

  2. douglas carpenter

    He’s looking to get cut. Not bending the piece and making a curve forces
    your skin in closer proximity to the metal and makes you push on the snips.
    If they slip you are laid open. It takes years to learn to cut metal
    without getting cut. It’s also best to learn with straight cut snips. Left
    or right become a disadvantage on certain cuts.