7 responses on “How to Drywall a Barrel Vault Ceiling – Archways & Ceilings Made Easy

  1. Eliseo .A Ramos

    I have done arches in some custom homes and its sometime difficult you
    should know how to wet well the piece of sheetrockt to avoid complication
    but its a beautiful when its done

  2. RickScherfDrywall

    If a barrel is wide enough for the full bend, the finishers like (love)
    when the board is flipped the other way instead. Flat seams that run the
    length of the barrels like the one in the vid here can never be coated
    perfectly. If the board was flipped and the seam goes around the barrel,
    it’s just like coating any other flat in the house, piece of cake. Still,
    you guys do nice work, great channel!

  3. christian antoniazzi

    con una lastra singola da 6 mm è da pazzi fare ste cose, minimo doppia. e
    accorciare l’interasse tra i montanti!