How to Drywall a Dome Ceiling with Archways & Ceilings Made Easy

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Universal Dome Kit at the Home Depot: Ever wonder how…
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25 responses on “How to Drywall a Dome Ceiling with Archways & Ceilings Made Easy

  1. aethertech

    The comments of some of the people here complaining about the “over use of
    screws.” There are a few things in life that you shouldn’t fuck with. The
    IRS, human stupidity is infinite, and building code inspectors. And of
    those three, only the middle one is an actual unknown. The Code is the
    goddamn law, especially in the USA. You do not fucking go less then the
    code – if anything, you go over the code. I’ve seen an inspector pull out
    his measuring tape because he found one stud that was a quarter inch off
    from were it needed to be, three hours later he handed the manager of the
    site about ten pages of stuff to be fixed – and had a copy himself for the
    official write up back at whatever satan pit of an office he worked at. IRS
    < Building Code Inspectors.

  2. Arturo Garcia

    Im a hanger you gotta use first piece as a mold to cut out rest of them
    that dude still a rookie

  3. неизвестный безымянный

    круто белажопый пиздит а гомес делает ))

  4. Erik Anderson

    I love how these guys are wearing no eye, ear or lung protection and you
    can see the younger one getting gypsum and other stuff in his eyes, and for
    sure in his lungs. Another generation of expendable workers.

  5. Cassi B.

    Ok. I can maybe understand all the screws in the dome. Maybe. But that many
    on the walls…? Good lands. Waste of screws AND time. You don’t need 30
    screws in one piece of sheetrock.