How to drywall an archway

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How to drywall an archway

Read First** There are several ways to drywall an archway. The preferred method is to use 1/4″ drywall and wet the back. You can even wet the back of 1/2″ …
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Shannon from demonstrates how to use a typical drywall lift to help put drywall on your ceiling. Video © 2014 SKS Media. Vi…
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33 responses on “How to drywall an archway

  1. Usernameinvalid16

    Yeah lol i had a spare piece of drywall out side and it got rained on and
    it made a perfect arch and it it fit’s perfectly above my shower so im
    using it above my shower…


    PLASTERBOARD WET LIKE A PU–Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. phartattack

    Start nailing on one side and work across so you don’t bind the middle or
    rip the arch… I always make it wider so I can trim back the sides to a
    perfect fit then skim coat the whole arch with joint compound. MZ-HANDYMAN


    the best way of doing that its to wet the back side of the plasterboard and
    bend it on the arch. i’v done it like that and its much better and easier.

  5. rjcontra

    What we have used in the past 30 years is…1/8″ peg board. With or without
    the holes. Small staple gun to attach to arch and WALAHHH.

  6. Archways & Ceilings

    @atranos wanted to show different ways of drywalling an archway. See How to
    drywall a barrel vault – We show 1/4″ being used there.

  7. nunya biznass

    The white dude said. “I’m going to show you how to drywall an arch.” He got
    one hell of a tan from the intro to the drywalling portion of the video.

  8. eliud guillen

    I put the side walls first and cut with a router and l dont need cut from
    the back when i do the side walls,and then i just put some water on the
    piece what i use to the ceiling and the water makes the piece soft to put
    in circle so we dont need cut the piece from the back too

  9. Kevin Smith

    @atranos you can do it that way but the pro’s do not we wet the back of
    1/2″ drywall and bend it when it drys it locks it into that shape

  10. Archways & Ceilings

    @FLORINOID totally agree see Sunbelt Builders show building booth 601to see
    that method (3:25 seconds into video)

  11. Hector Agustin

    why don’t you ever mark center lines of the studs on the sheet you’re
    working on? makes life a lot easier. 

  12. Andrew Packer

    I haven’t watched the whole video yet but i`m guessing that we will be
    watching a video on how to replace glass panes in the near future….lol

  13. GunsHarleysUSA

    One question Shannon, do you put the drywall screws in the same pattern in
    the ceiling as you would when hanging drywall on a wall? Excellent video my