How to Finish Drywall With Two or Three Coats : Drywall Work

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How to Finish Drywall With Two or Three Coats : Drywall Work

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14 responses on “How to Finish Drywall With Two or Three Coats : Drywall Work

  1. RYMK887

    Bazooka 100% more better and faster!! Some people, just get jelous,or mad
    jajaja, cause they don’t know how to used! only skills man can do it ­čÖé 100
    %bazooka,and easy, also to easy,to clean,! ´╗┐

  2. Samuel Hernández

    I’ve been thinking about buying one but I still think using a tape banjo is
    better. I’ve been taping for a year now and I’ve already taped big
    commercials and houses and I would have to say a drywall tape banjo is
    better. In my three years working in drywall I’ve never used a bazooka.´╗┐

  3. TheFloorBoys

    Picking up my first full Bazooka Taping Set tomorrow…and this video
    really helped! The folks over at Ames Taping Tools said that they will walk
    me through it when I pick it up, but I doubt that their demonstration will
    be as in depth as yours was. Thanks!´╗┐

  4. Philippe Allaire

    I never clean it, scared it will break if I clean it, just stick it in
    water bucket when done, no hose. Dead beat ? lol my 170 pounds of fat love
    running that thing and can run the bazooka all day no problem. Expensive ?
    I save my money in taping hours after 4 houses, I can finish taping a house
    3 times faster then anyone can do it with flat apps or with a shit box. A
    bitch to use in high parts ? Are u dumb, its so long I can do 12 foot
    ceilings off the floor, so nice for high parts ….

  5. Houston stout

    I’ve used one of these from day one. I’ve probably only put on 5 500ft
    rolls of tape through a banjo. And probably thousands of rolls through a
    bazooka. And as far as being beat by 11, yeah, if I was a pussy. But real
    men don’t mind actually working. Puts hair on your chest.

  6. Phasma Dark

    this tools was not made for Home use. Its like doing a level 5 on bed room.
    Over kill if you ask me I could mud it with a sheet of cardboard faster and
    save $900 dollars.

  7. 2buckcanuck

    Do you really think a home owner is going to run out and buy a zook to tape
    out their basement, lol. come hang out at drywall talk, where the pro’s are

  8. Sinisterage

    Lol fuck yea tell him man. Just some old crusty bastard who can’t cut it
    anymore. Probably can’t even carry a loaded hawk anymore.

  9. toejam498

    I’ve taped fron 78 til 2009 and never wasted my time . your dead beat by 11
    in the morn, way too heavy. and a bitch to clean- you’d better have a hose
    around. Expensive also. it’s more of a union tool with a couple guys wiping
    behind you. also a bitch to use in highparts with a ladder or jackson