How to Fix a Leaky Roof

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How to Fix a Leaky Roof

How to fix a leaky roof on a house by removing all shingles and felt and replacing it all with an ice and storm shield membrane and new shingles. Watch Tool …
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  1. R C Roofing

    #roofer #roofingcontractor #residentialroofing #commericialroofing
    How to fix your leaky roof! 

  2. RoofLogic

    I was laughing and learning at the same time, for me that’s the best of
    both worlds. Thanks for uploading this.

  3. Taryn S

    We rent and the ceiling in the bedroom just fell down and almost hit me.
    Some nut laid drywall on top of drywall for the ceiling and when the roof
    started leaking, it started to crack and about and hour later, down it

  4. Maniac50AE

    Im in Omaha, that storm that came through sundat 5/11/14 took some shingles
    right off so im going to try and save my mom some money!

  5. 426 SUPER BEE

    IDK why they even make shingles for, why not tar paper shingles when wind
    can’t blow them up, shingles are so cave man any more

  6. J Goldstein

    google case shiller prices were studied since
    1892,conclusion,houses are not an investment,just a place to live.people
    who sink money into them lose big time.question… if you bought a house in
    1980 for 50k and sold it recently for 135k,did you make a profit.the
    correct answer is no due to inflation ,you just got your 50k back.yes its
    true you had a place to live,but taxes,upkeep.

  7. Graves Nikia

    nice video…my roof is really high but its leaking badly cant afford 14000
    2 have fixed…im not scared of heights but im worried its not stable

  8. davejones8

    OHH funny the so called roofers could not figure it out…or they just
    wanna do the entire roof for bigger job bgger money….its funny all the
    people on here trying tell people there deoing things wrong when they have
    no idea what there talking about

  9. invalidacess

    @tooldudetony my roof is for a storage room. its about small-medium size,
    so would that be less? als its not connected to to the house.

  10. Tool Dude Tony

    I pretty much just swept them up with a broom or scooped them out of the
    gutter. There are magnets on wheels that you can run around the yard and
    pick the ones you miss out of the grass. Thanks for asking.