How to Fix Drywall – Removing Popcorn Texture – Drywall Repair

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This is video #1 of a 2-part series. The videos are: Part 1 of 2 = Part 2 of 2 = To Watch t…

18 responses on “How to Fix Drywall – Removing Popcorn Texture – Drywall Repair

  1. Malvisk

    My popcorn texture must have been painted over….. it was NOT coming off
    that easily! LOL That removal looks like a DREAM to me!

  2. ELQUITO12

    yes it does create dust even when it’s wet. I’ve been a drywaller for about
    10 years so i understand what he is doing…

  3. b0e0n7

    When its wet it does not create dust. Hence the reason he has no mask.
    Don’t insult people if you don’t understand what they are doing or how it

  4. Al Melendez

    Danger what this man is scrapping contains Asbestos causes Cancer do no do
    what this video says You must use proper safety gear Full face respirator
    Gloves and full body vest

  5. robomanbryan

    You will have to call the professionals. This is because most popcorn
    ceilings have asbestos in them. And they will charge you a fortune. I’m in
    process of removing my popcorn ceiling, but I don’t use a garden hose!!! To
    much water in the house. I use a 2 gallon tank sprayer, works good. And
    this guy should be wearing a hepa respirator as well.

  6. FartFilledBalloons

    @saintlove1000 DANGER? It depends on when the house was built. If it was
    built prior to 1978 it most likely has asbestos in it Asbestos was banned
    in ceiling treatments in 1977. My ceiling is nothing more than paper base
    texture and it was built in 1979

  7. Mesothelioma Lawyer | Asbestos Attorney

    yeah the garden hose is a little silly. and even with wetting, there is
    dust. you should have a dust mask on even if there is no asbestos. and
    something else you can try. don’t wet the ceiling and scrape only the large
    popcorn off. on our ceiling it left a nice textured finish similar to
    knockdown. we painted it, and it looks great. much faster than having to
    refinish the whole ceiling, and the removal was really fast.