How to fix hole in Drywall/Sheetrock/wall and texture 4

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PART 4,detailed instructions on repairing a hole in drywall.

14 responses on “How to fix hole in Drywall/Sheetrock/wall and texture 4

  1. WalkingAggro

    Thanks for this Paul. Great series! The flashlight trick was awesome and
    the butterfly patch was like a light bulb. I was like…what is this extra
    block stuff around the edges you are doing…then ahha!

  2. Paul Ricalde

    Hi Tommy Rad, Thanks for your input. You are right about the new Homax
    texture, it is an awesome product. They have greatly improved it over
    years. However, you are mistaken about the wall that I repaired on this
    video. I fixed this hole on my wall and no one can point out where the
    patch was. This house is 25 years old and the wall has been painted
    numerous times. When texture has been painted on over and over, it becomes
    smoother, thus making it harder to match with new texture. Paul

  3. Paul Ricalde

    Hey vallejokid1968 I really appreciate your comment! I have been very busy
    working on a new series of videos. They cover cabinet modification, bump
    out, and installation. I will be posting them real soon, I hope you like
    them! Paul

  4. Tommy Rad

    That Homax wall texture is SO MUCH BETTER than the old stuff with the
    different sized red spray-tubes. Works incredibly well. Very short learning
    curve on how to control the settings on the can. I used the water-based
    orange peel spray. I had to cover about a dozen door-knob sized holes. More
    than enough in 1 can. Perhaps you can do a video repair on an already
    finished [orange-peeled] wall. Blank wallboard is super easy to fix. Fixing
    a hole in a 12 year old house is a bit different. Thanks.

  5. Alex Gordon

    Extremely helpful and informative. Easy to follow steps. Going to watch
    your other videos just for the heck of it now. Thanks.