How to Get Perfectly Flat Drywall: Trim-Tex ButtBoard

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Create perfectly flat walls quickly and easily using Trim-Tex Buttboard. The Buttboard is placed between the studs and pulls back the drywall to simulate a f…
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3 responses on “How to Get Perfectly Flat Drywall: Trim-Tex ButtBoard

  1. Track a Hack

    They want you to pay huge bucks for pieces of composite wood! Do this: Get
    yourselves a piece of plywood (NOT OSB JUNK) about 8″ wide x 48″ long. glue
    and tack a 2″ wide by 48″ long piece of lumber (Doug Fir) cut from a 2×4 at
    a 15deg. angle. Do that on each side of the board. Now you have a superior
    board to the “ButtBoard”. To avoid the drywall screws pulling out under
    stress and to eliminate future problems with the seam, make sure to use a
    lot of adhesive on each side of the drywall and do not use a drywall screw
    gun. Use a drill and drive the nails gently until a firm grip is obtained
    and that the ends of the drywall pieces at the butt crease inward. You’re
    done. Do that at all the seams and don’t get ripped off by buying pieces of

  2. Linsey Klingel

    You can make your own w/ strips of dense cardboard (available commercially,
    too), or several layers of roofing felt, and ripping your own plywood. I
    hate OSB for holding screws and would never use that stuff for this.
    Plywood, IMO. Felt is a lot of work, but in a pinch…. Once you start
    using these, you’ll never do w/out them.