How To Get the Smoothest Drywall Finish in 6 Steps

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Watch the entire drywall series: There is a level of finish that most drywall tapers never get …

25 responses on “How To Get the Smoothest Drywall Finish in 6 Steps

  1. Naughtism

    What a joke. Buddy number one, use a trowel. Two, I will bet you a million
    dollars you will have layering all over those uneven flats. You can even
    see that ridiculous roller hit the lower speed bump and dip. Three, you
    never light check a level four finish? BRUTAL! Also you never did a light
    check on your level five. You guys all commenting on here are hacks. Just
    like the guy in the video. Also painters should always sand their prime
    with a level four finish. Five, What the hell is with the comments below
    saying you have never heard of a level five finish? Hacks the whole lotta
    you. That dude wouldn’t last ten minutes on my crew. I can’t believe you
    guys. His mud was scraped so thin and tight it was drying as he spoke.
    Better not sand through your skim coat over any mud or you have layering.
    Also your speed is embarrassing. Piece work not pace work

  2. multidinero

    This is interesting. I never used a roller for polish coating, but it’s
    interesting to see. I pull my lines broad, so much so that my walls will
    look primed to most people. Taping is an art of sorts that most guys will
    not understand ever. Slicking the compound is great for all coats from the
    third onward. By slicking, I mean adding water. Sponging edges is fine if
    you like that sort of thing or if your knife/hawk game isn’t perfect. I
    think compound pans are awkward to hold and use for long periods of time
    but fine for those who think otherwise. Everyone sands on prime coats, and
    if you don’t, it shows quickly. My father always says ” It’s not the tool,
    but the person behind the tool that makes the difference”.

  3. Carpathian2010

    We worked in customs homes and the most we ever had to do is sponge wash
    the walls, skimming the walls is stupid because you can accomplish the same
    thing with a primer. I always hated people and never went back to work for
    them when they stuck their nose the wall to inspect it. 

  4. Track a Hack

    Finehomebuilding?! Let me guess, this is the new generation of kids taking
    over the magazine. I remember when it used to print out great articles from
    hard working professionals that really knew what they were doing. Hacks
    ruining the company with this type of garbage. Now for the guy in this
    video; I want to throw up! Really, I was holding my gut! He must have read
    a book on the subject and well, he went bought a bucket of mud, a thick
    roller and a tarp. Other than that he has no clue what he’s doing. The guy
    can’t even use the fucking roller! He was sliding it across the drywall!
    This is NOT how to roll skim. Also he had no plan. He started 6 inches off
    the corner going up and down like he’s on crack. If you’re going to show a
    procedure at least have a plan. At least dress the part! A clean Black
    T-shirt while roll skimming screams a hack. And the bit about that
    ridiculous sander! Come on ! JACKASS!

  5. Randall Flack

    The amazing amount of so called experts making videos is incredible! This
    buffoon just showed me a process I had never tried,taking a brush and
    molesting a electrical outlet or whatever he’s doing! LOL!

  6. redmond424

    My advice is to do what I did… Pay off all of your credit cards and
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  7. Ian Fawdry

    3 coat work using 6″, 10″ and 12″ applied neatly and slurrying final coat
    edges would provide you with a living wage and still provide a good finish
    for decorating. This won`t earn you a wage, especially with 2nd fix trades
    beating the door down wanting to earn theirs.

  8. agent008chico

    I just removed my waynes coating and that bottom portion is not painted.
    Can I do this on my walls if half of it is painted and the other half is

  9. Bev Pines

    Usually your paint roller leaves a slight pattern that covers that “raised
    drywall nap” without it being visible enough to bother anyone.

  10. Per-Gunnar Perra Målare Carlsson

    Perra målare SWEDEN
    are you looking Nobell price, you will not get it.
    why do you have sand filler in baking tin? 

  11. MRithompsoni

    could skim coat that wall with plaster in under an hour and achieve a
    smooth finish comparable to glass. Cost of materials is a lot less with
    plastering and the time taken will be more than halfed. It really is a

  12. Carlos Costa

    That’s a nice job but, I would skimming all the walls in the room faster
    than that and no sanding needded. A very smooth finisshing at the end.

  13. David Putnel

    Polishing a turd is all this guys doing. I’m a painter and I run into
    shitty drywall work all the time. To get a good finish I use 3/4 inch nap
    and apply very heavy primer coat. Roll it out smooth with an 18 inch
    roller. Just let roller lay on wall and control it but don’t mash it. You
    want a very heavy uniform coat. This makes my walls look a lot better than

    Almost the same process as level 5 except using paint.


  14. TomKaren94

    After sanding the joints, just kilz the wall and sand it after it dries…
    then paint. A lot easier than this.

  15. David Haney

    hey you guys this guy cares……..I paint in Kansas usa and I see so many
    new homes in which the drywall finishers were terrible…………….you
    can see so many defects in the walls and then the customer wants to blame
    the painter……..that’s why I like this guy………..people need to
    understand if you want a perfect job you have to pay for
    it………painters are not responsible its the drywall contractors who