3 responses on “How to Hang Curtain Rods on Drywall : Wall Repair

  1. Chase Johnson

    Thanks so much for this post! This really helped me, as I tried to just use
    screws the first time. Using the anchors were easy and your post helped
    show me exactly how to put the anchors in and how to hang up my curtain
    rod. Thanks again!

  2. elfelectric

    you really should check to see if there is a wall stud first, just use a
    normal screw in to that. Accidentally driving one of those plastic anchors
    into a stud makes a big mess of the wall

  3. khanji48

    hi, could you tell me how to hang my curtains rods as i have tried so many
    holes but none of them worked as the wall is soft i guess, as a result i
    have so many holes in the wall….could you plz help me???