3 responses on “How to Hang Drywall

  1. Stephane Chouinard

    another big NO NO about this video is they teared the paper. There screwing
    to deep. This video is shit!!!

  2. alfredo beltran

    your sopose to do factory with factory on your butt joint your cut edge
    should go against the wall

  3. Jake-N-440

    you DO NOT need that many screws!!! Using that many screws causes them to
    pop and leave little holes as the house settles. By code you should use
    DRYWALL glue, 6 dabs per stud per sheet with 1 screw in the middle 2 for
    54′ board and a screw every 12 inches in the perimeter if anyone put this
    many screws in there wall I PROMISE you will regret it in 10 years time
    STICK WITH GLUE it is made to out live screws trust me!