How To Hang Drywall (Gypsum Sheetrock)

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Shannon from shows you how to hang drywall. Includes tips on cutting sheets, cutting out for switch and receptacle boxes, w…

25 responses on “How To Hang Drywall (Gypsum Sheetrock)

  1. john dear

    What model of drill is this and do you have a link, the magnet tip is a
    great idea any tips I’ve used were crap.

  2. Richard Perrine

    21:28 is not a very tight butt joint, but its doable. as long as the sheet
    is as close to level as possible so the bottom board can be slid in nice
    and tight along the bevelled joint.

  3. Ed Fenech

    Not sure about American standards when it comes to hanging drywall, but in
    Australia gluing and screws are standard. The best things about gluing is
    1) the boards are not going to move and 2) they bed the sheet, preventing
    flexing from slightly irregular stud alignment. But I guess either way

  4. seephor

    Good video Shannon. There’s actually another type of drywall I saw at the
    home improvement store.. It’s lightweight drywall. I accidently purchased
    it and it’s horrible in terms of trying to anchor anything to it. No
    standard expanding type anchors would work.

  5. Sam Bachman

    i like your calm manner and methodical way of explaining how to do house
    improvements. You are a good teacher!

  6. Mikeynuts21

    32:00 Thought for sure he was gonna draw some blood from his fingers with
    that knife. Great videos.

  7. Eastendbiilythekid

    I like this guy he’s good man thanks for the upload video.. I actually
    learn form you guy’s and did some nice work ! I got a little bit o work
    cause of you guy’s thanks!