How to Hang Drywall

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Visit for more drywall tips. In this video, contributor Myron Ferguso…
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25 responses on “How to Hang Drywall

  1. Sam Dallas

    Plastic clips? Really? You are willing to compromise the long term
    strength, of MOST peoples single largest investment, (their home)……So
    you can save a few pennies?
    Asshole….I really despise your type.

  2. Justin Shiffler

    Great helpful videos. I wish there were some tutorials for doing double
    layered 5/8″ drywall for soundproofing a home theater. Also plan to use
    ROXUL safe–n-sound insulation in 24″o.c. steel studs. Do I use all
    screws on first layer as if I wasn’t putting another layer over?

  3. RetroGamer72

    One thing I saw. In my carpentry class they teach us to put the bottom
    sheet on first and then work up so that it’s easier to install the top
    piece because it will sit flush on the bottom sheet.

  4. melssa drywall

    sorry retro…ceilings first, top sheet then bottom, if the ceilings are on
    and you start on the bottom you will have to tight fit your top sheet or
    have a gap, I was always told to be smarter than the board lol…then the
    money comes in just as fast as the board that’s installed

  5. don carson

    drywall ”clips suck! they are used by cheap builders who want to save a
    few dollars on a home their charging hundreds of thousands of dollars for
    at the expense of the homeowners i know i hung drywall professionally for
    over 26 years

  6. powershop1903

    Good tip about pre marking the drywall. However, my studs are wonky and
    crooked. Good time at my estate!

  7. KindHeartedSinners

    Terrible grammar, sorry about you having to pre-fill “all them gaps” I am
    so sick of keyboard warriors on youtube. I suppose you having to learn
    proper english would be “unpredicable” !!

  8. KindHeartedSinners

    @unpredicable man Knuckle draggers like you kill skilled trades. No one
    wants to hear you piss and moan. Shut up and spend more time working.

  9. dynocompe .

    if you stand it up vertically and your wall is longer than than 48 inches,
    you then have long 8 foot seems going up and down you wall, and with 4
    sheets of drywall and the seems all going vertically, once you mud and
    sand, prime and paint, you will be able to see a wave on your wall where
    ever the seems meet. laying the drywall horizontally, is less noticable,
    also gives more strength. You can stand it up if there is going to be no
    seam. that is normal

  10. finehomebuilding

    Michael, The screw gun that Myron is using is Senco’s DS275-18 Cordless
    Collated Screwdriver. It’s available at most big tool sellers, including
    Amazon. It’s certainly a time saver when hanging drywall or fastening

  11. MrNightwings74

    That’s because shitty carpenters work fast and you can tell mistakes. Good
    carpenters do the job once if they want you to rush it’s because they don’t
    want to pay you for more hours and they are greedy bitches. I’ll give you
    an example I was at a job (now learning electrical) and there was a stupid
    guy cutting sheetrock with a grinder yes a freaking GRINDER. I was like wtf
    this idiot doing? He made so much dust and was coughing not only that but
    he only had one hand on the grinder fucking noob.