0 Comment, of West-Kelowna, BC, demonstrates: How to install Manufactured Stone on Drywall with Thinset.
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Watch this video for some good advise about sanding drywall to a perfect finish. This is the way sanding drywall should be completed.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 responses on “How-To-Install-Manufactured-Stone-on-Drywall-with-Thinset

  1. StoneShowRoomKelowna

    I asked the customer to put a paint primer on it.Otherwise the dry wall
    paper will get soaked and it may interfere with adhesion of the thinset to
    the dry wall

  2. Alena Patapovich

    Great job ! But , what about the lath , waterproof paper , and the scratch
    coat? I have NO idea what I’m talking about , just curious . Thx

  3. Philippe Allaire

    I hope this is not your everyday profession, how you suppose to get nice
    flat walls sanding with a sponge ? Use a pole sander, and OMG those angles